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VR for Seniors



Virtual Reality for Seniors


As the global population is aging the number of people with Dementia is growing. Virtual Reality is a new entertainment technology format but it can also be used as a powerful tool for improving quality of life for elderly people.


State of the art wireless headsets now allow carers to provide a range of experiences to seniors which can alleviate isolation and reduce risk factors associated with Dementia such as loneliness and depression. VR is best experienced under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional so we provide comprehensive training not just on the technology but also safety and hygiene best practices. 


We’ve identified several Virtual Experiences that have shown excellent results:


  • Those unable to travel can now be transported anywhere around the world under the supervision of trained staff. They can relive holidays, visit their family home or countries they haven’t visited in many years.


  • Escape to the tranquility of nature, relaxing on the beach, in a forest or from a mountain top. In many cases this is calming, relaxing and restorative.


  • Seniors can participate in hobby experiences, watch sports, go fishing or hiking, all from the safety and comfort of a chair or from their bed.


  • Immersive, interactive videos featuring pets (puppies, kittens cute animals)


Everyone is different and the Virtual Experiences reflect that. Users can pick what they would like to try from a physical menu guided by someone who helps them select something suitable for their abilities and interests.


The benefits of VR are immediately obvious as users overall well being is enhanced, and VR promotes a positive uplifting mood as can be seen from user reviews. Seniors are keen to share the new experiences with others, laughing and smiling about it as they talk about it with others. It can also help distract them from pain and with regular sessions it can be something exciting to look forward on daily or weekly basis. For some users, certain Virtual Experiences can have calming and soothing effect when they feel confused or agitated.

If you would like to let your residents try VR for themselves, we would love to schedule a demonstration and let them try it out.


Should you have any questions, please email K. Smith [email protected] or call us (+66) 95-547-2287