Aviagen VR Seminar



Aviagen provides poultry breeding stock to customers around the world. Their farms meet the most rigorous standards of cleanliness, safety and bird welfare.

Part of this is strict adherence to biosecurity protocol which means it’s neither practical or desirable to organize customer visits on-site. Aviagen came to us with a brief for incorporating Virtual Reality into their training academy as a way for customers at seminars to tour the facilities and farms using a synchronized VR presentation. This is an ongoing project and VR has become an integral part of their customer seminars in Bangkok and across South East Asia.


Touring state of the art facilities that are closed to visitors.


At short notice we were able to provide a reliable, synchronised platform with Oculus Go headsets for 70 attendees. With our team of VR staff and our partners Showtime VR we built a robust system which allowed all attendees to get a great experience, touring Aviagen facilities in New Zealand from the conference hall in Bangkok, guided by Aviagen’s own experts. This pilot project, titled, “Take a step into an Aviagen farm,’’ is intended to deepen the learning experience by immersing customers in a realistic farm environment. 

The user can look all around at the facilities as details and areas of interest are pointed out by expert presenters, also in VR. Feedback from the attendees was fantastic, not just a talking point but a shared experience that some said really felt like being there.

We look forward to developing this pilot project so expect to see more of this exciting innovation at future Aviagen events. If you are interested in VR rental, or using VR in your business or marketing activities, please get in touch.

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