Paper In Motion Gallery Virtual Tour

Open your exhibition to the world

The global pandemic has made things very difficult for the art world in Bangkok. There are very few international visitors but instead wave after wave of new COVID varients and rising infection rates.

This has accelerated the shift online for entertainment, communications, commerce and it shows no sign of stopping. People are now cautious about unnecessary travel of any kind which means many galleries are effectively closed for business.


Visitors to your website, Google My Business and Facebook page want to know more about your gallery and your exhibits. The more you can engage them, the more likely they are to visit in person at a later date.

We can help you to design and build an interactive 360° virtual tour so visitors can browse through all exhibits (even those no longer on display).

We can also add additional information, videos, photographs, audio tours, and even link to or build an ecommerce platform.  Visitors can do this online with their mobile phones, tablets, desktops or on VR headsets.

If you don’t have enough space to exhibit all your art we can build a virtual space for you to showcase in a custom built Virtual Gallery (like this one for locally based artist Amy Diener).

Bangkok Art Biennale Virtual Tour

Bangkok Art Biennale is an art festival held every other year, over 4 months and across 10 venues. We developed a custom tour built in KRPano to match the exacting style guide. 

This exhibition is no longer on display but they can still be seen as they were installed. You can learn more about each exhibit by clicking the ‘information’ icon nearby each artwork and jump from venue to venue easily via the BAB Virtual Tour navigation options.

The Virtual Tour was necessary to:

  • Help people choose which venues they wanted to visit in person
  • Offer access in the event of closure due to COVID restrictions
  • Have a way for people to see the exhibitions after it has closed.
  • Greater impact in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies
  • Broaden participation to those unable to travel to Bangkok in-person

Virtual Tour Goethe Institut x Chulalongkorn School of Architecture

Architecture Students at Chulalongkorn were given a project to develop kinetic mobiles taking inspiration from German Design and resources available at the Goethe Institut Library.

You can see the finished tour here.

The finished models were actually only on display for two weeks so a Virtual Tour was needed so the project was recorded in an interactive format for future review.

There are 50 mobiles in the Virtual Tour which made navigating the tour a challenge so we implemented a “Sculpture List” menu system which allows visitors to go directly to the sculpture they are interested in.


A Virtual Tour lets you show off your space, keep a record of past exhibitions forever and opens your gallery everyone.

We can also connect to (or build) an ecommerce platform to maximize your revenues. Schedule a call with our production team who can help you design a Virtual Tour which will work best to meet your objectives.