Alcami Virtual Tour



360° Virtual Tour for Alcami Packaging

We recently produced a Virtual Tour for Alcami Packaging.

Alcami is a  plastics conversion specialist based a couple of hours outside of Bangkok. The facilities include state-of-the-art clean room capabilities up to class 100/ISO 5. Also thermoforming and injection molding processes.

Kris Withouck, the MD, kindly took the time to show us the production lines. As you can see from the tour, the whole factory is pristine.


What were the results?

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“We saw a lot of benefits from overseas customers. Normally we get customers (visiting) 4 or 5 times per month and currently that is not possible. In these circumstances we use the virtual tour.”

How can a virtual tour add value to your business?

We know your customers aren’t looking to move in, or to spend their weekend relaxing at your factory. Also, they’re not interested in seeing every storage room and container. But they do want to know more about your business. A virtual tour can give a better overall impression than a boring corporate video. In comparison, our 360° virtual tours are also great value.

If you’re proud of facilities why not let your customers look around without the hassle of an onsite visit. You can showcase your production systems and give them a sense of your capabilities.


How do can you best view the tour?

You can embed our virtual tour in your website or we can host it on our servers for you. But if you have some processes you’d rather not be made public you can use the tour in your sales presentation. Take the clients around your facilities as if they were actually there. It’s easy to do this using any video conference software, as well as in person.

360° virtual tours can be viewed with any modern smartphone or computer. Although for trade shows and expos we recommend using a VR headset which can generate additional interest in your stand.


Want to know more?

Why not schedule a free consultation with our production team now. Then we can evaluate how to best present your facilities and business together.