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VR for Enterprise: Where to start?

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing the way we experience digital content. One of the key aspects of this technology is presence: it feels like you are really there, immersed in another world. But how can this best be harnessed in business? 

  • Real-time collaboration – Shared workspaces
  • Spatial Memory – Learn quickly and retain more information though muscle memory and contextual experiences
  • Unlimited Do-Overs – Master tasks through repetition
  • Risk Management – Train for high-risk procedures in a safe environment
  • Make impossible scenarios possible – Train in ways that would be impossible, unsafe or too costly in real life.
  • Learn soft skills and develop insights and empathy.

Aviagen VR Seminar

VR for Education & Marketing: Immerse your customers in your story at conferences and seminars (Aviagen VR Training Academy).

Angry Customer in Phone Shop

VR Training: Learning by doing. Interactive training scenarios for customer experience training.

So what’s the first step?

  • Think of some business areas where you think VR can have a positive impact on productivity.
  • Design a pilot project so you can assess the effectiveness of VR in this area. A pilot can help you gain experience with VR as a medium and get a first mover advantage in your industry. There are a lot of case studies to draw inspiration from.
  • Review the pilot, make improvements and then roll-out across the organization.

At VRG we have designed and installed hundreds of VR installations for events across the world. We’ve also partnered with businesses to provide VR training scenarios and analytics. If you would like to discuss a VR concept, get in touch.